Grants available in Ireland for saving on energy + methods

We’re all trying to do our bit to save energy in our homes now, but for many of us, even after we’ve cut every corner and made all the savings we can, it’s often not enough. Energy prices are spiralling out of control and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. But there are, fortunately, many grants available to help support you in your energy costs in Ireland—so let’s look at a few of these and how you might make use of them.

  1. Individual Energy Upgrade Grants

Formerly known as the Solar PV and Better Energy Homes schemes, the Individual Energy Upgrade Grants provide a range of individual grants that can improve the energy efficiency of your home and help you save money on your energy bills. The services include selection of preferred contractor, the works, and the actual grant application.

This is best for people who want to manage their own projects in terms of upgrading their energy efficiency. You will pay for the full costs of the works yourself, and then apply for the grant after the fact.

  • One Stop Shop Service

The One Stop Shop Service, as the name implies, is a more complete solution to energy efficiency. This will have the project managed by someone else, and includes the whole process—an assessment of your home’s energy efficiency, the grant application, project management, and a follow up BER after the work is done.

This will also allow you to pay for the works net of the eligible grant, and can include things like solar panels, improved insulation, and heating control systems. Homes built and occupied before 2011 will qualify

  • Fully Funded Energy Upgrade

For qualifying homeowners, another grant available to you is the Fully Funded Energy Upgrade, and this one is designed for homeowners who are in receipt of certain benefits like fuel allowance and jobseekers allowance. This service is meant for homes built and occupied before 2006 for heating and insulation systems. If you are struggling to pay your bills while on other government support, you may qualify for this.

  • SEAI Grants

All of these grants are at least in part funded by the SEAI Grants which provide a wide range of help in Ireland to those looking to reduce their energy costs and improve their home’s energy efficiency. These grants cover all sorts of different methods for improving your energy costs, like solar panels and other renewables, as well as improvements to your home’s insulation.

These grants are hugely varied and there may well be one for which you qualify if you are having trouble with your energy bills.

There are plainly many options, then, for grants to help you with saving on your energy in Ireland. Both in the long term and the short term, the Irish government has ways that you can save on your energy bills, cut your costs, and improve the overall efficiency of your household. Look into any of these methods today.