Saving energy in your home

We’re always conscious of the amount of energy we use at home, but this is true now much more than it has ever been. With energy prices skyrocketing, the future is becoming less and less certain. But there are always things you can do to reduce your home consumption and save some real money on your bills. Today, we’re going to look at a few of our top tips for saving energy in your home.

  1. Smart thermostats/meters 

Smart technology is great for energy saving in many ways as it allows you to only use energy when you need it. You can easily set an optimal temperature in a room using a smart thermostat so you aren’t using excess energy heating a room. Smart meters allow you to track your consumption and see where you are using more or less energy to accordingly adjust your habits.

  • Switch to LED

One very simple thing you can do to save energy in your home is to switch your lightbulbs to LEDs. This simple switch can save you as much as 80% of the energy you use on lighting your home. Lighting typically only makes up a small percentage of your overall consumption, but nonetheless you will notice this change in your bill and all of these small changes will start to build up.

  • Room heating

One of the big energy losses that people make in their homes is by heating every room, even the rooms they are not in. Depending on the kind of radiators you have, though, you should be able to adjust the temperature of each room individually. This means you can save energy by only heating the rooms you’re using.

  • Keeping doors closed

This is a simple trick but one which absolutely bears mentioning. Retaining heat in a room is a huge energy saver as your heating will end up being much more efficient. If you leave the doors open all the time, then hot air is going to be endlessly flowing out of the room and your heating will have to work harder to keep things warmer. Close the doors!

  • Air drying clothes

Finally, one of the products in our homes that is responsible for a great deal of our energy consumption is a tumble drier. The heat required takes up huge amounts of energy, not to mention the fact that your clothes won’t last as long when being regularly tumble dried. Try to air dry clothes wherever possible—it will not take as long as you might think and you will save an enormous amount of energy.

So, there are lots of simple things you can do to reduce the energy consumption in your home. Some of these may be easier or harder depending on your circumstances, but for the most part these are things the majority of people will be able to do quite easily. You’ll notice a huge reduction in your energy consumption if you’re able to keep to these good habits.